Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beware, much manliness ahead

So, I've been drawing pictures for my co-workers for some time now and it's been a nice way to keep myself from getting artistically stagnant. I'll make a couple inked, shaded drawings every week for some co-workers, and on Friday I hand them all out. :)

Pretty much all of the requested superheroes have muscles, so I've been getting a lot of anatomy practice heh. The few remaining drawings I have to do include Rorschach(Watchmen), Earthworm Jim, a ninja turtle(any I'm assuming) and there are two others I have to do, but I don't know which heroes yet.

Here are some of the drawings produced:

The Tick and Arthur for Sylvia

Batman for Ryan

Batman killing a bunny for Kevin
(yes he asked specifically for this, haha)

Wolverine for Jeff

And Powdered Toast man for Anca

I've been getting only a couple hours of sleep making these cus I have to get up early for work, but I think it's definitely worth it. More to come later :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok, so I already failed to make a new post within one week. That's pretty sad. That said, I will still try to post stuff here as often as I can.

Here's a picture of Wolverine I drew for a friend. Line art was inked, and since I was too scared to use pen to shade it, I used pencil. Still came out pretty nice I think...

I haven't inked anything in ages, so before I inked the Wolverine pic, I tried test inking a crappy picture to see how I would do. All I can say is....

(Crappy, old micron pens) + (a very unsteady hand) = poop.

...More to come!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back! .....again!

Hi guys. So.... I have a tendency to post on my blog and disappear for a long period of time before coming back. Well.. NO MORE! I will be trying to post here at least once a week to keep my blog from getting stagnant. And if any of you notice that I haven't posted, please feel free to give me a swift kick in the ass, or send me a message of similar impact. Weekly blog updates, here I come!

Since that's out of the way, there are a couple things I wanted to share...

I've used this blog in the past to keep track of my thesis progress, but I've never posted the finished product here. I'm an idiot for that. My thesis has been finished for months now. So without further ado, here is the link to Alien Abduction, and some production stills from the short.


Next, here's a random picture of one of my characters that I drew recently. I have a colored version, but its terribly weak, so I will just be posting the line art here. Maybe I will color it again someday?

And finally....the weather. It has been freezing here. I have a hard time falling asleep these days because my apartment feels like a freezer. My dinner is hot when made, but by the time I bring it to the table to eat, its already getting cold. Some days I wake up and I just don't want to move. I want to stay curled up like a ball and stay inside the little pocket of warm air in my blanket...


I will still take any freezing day over a stinking hot day of summer. Because in the end, there is only so much you can take off, but endless layers you can pile on.

Long post... but I guess that's it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm alive!

Hi all, I'm still alive! I just lost the will to post anything here for ages. Soooo... A lot of stuff happened between now and my last post. For instance, I graduated SVA. I also work as a freelance 3d animator. I get tired more easily. A lot of stuff. I was going to put my post graduation thoughts here and reflect upon what I learned during my four years at SVA, but I think I'll save that for when my eyelids can stay open. For now I'll just share with you some old drawings and doodles.

Some crappy girl doodles and a scared guy

Batman, Joker and Harley

New design for my distraught, emotionally damaged, ass kicking spy chick character


Chain coming out of girls hand...?? O_o

Charcoal pencil doodles. Yes I drew a cube, shaddap.

Villain from one of my stories.

Avatar! Though I don't keep up with the show, sorry!

More doodles of my characters, huzzah!

Hope you like. I'll be back with a meaningful, profound entry, I swear. Right now I just need to lie down. Bed feels so good....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Leave Dragonball alone please

Alright. Ever since I heard they were making a dragonball movie, I thought it was gonna be crap. Then I saw some really blurry photos of the actors in their costumes. And then I KNEW it was gonna be crap. But....


I wasn't aware Goku spent two hours doing his hair every morning.
Dragonball should never have been made into live action. It just. Doesn't. Work. (especially when a caucasian person gets chosen to play an asian protagonist)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

creepy male asian sophomore critter things

I don't get it... What is up with the geeky little asian boys in the computer art department who pick a seat right next to you, and shamelessly stare at what you're working on. It happened to Eric, and now it's happening to me. It's the weirdest feeling to have some stranger sitting next to you, sneaking in multiple glances at your monitor, thinking that you can't see them....Perhaps they haven't heard of peripheral vision. The asian kid next to me was annoying as hell... He was listening to weird, obnoxious music, talking to his friend (who was just as annoying) about his favorite concept art, and kept tapping his fingers on the keyboard loudly, NONSTOP.
..... I was about to punch his face in. Thankfully, he left just as I was reaching my boiling point.


In order to release all this pent up anger, I leave you with this picture, overflowing with profundity.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi again

Not much to say...... just a little scared of how school finished so quickly. I haven't had much time to draw or paint anything cus of thesis, but now that I've gotten over the biggest hump of the year, I'll start to post more stuff.

Here's some random WWII spy chick....too lazy to color it...bah.
Btw, she's holding a (badly drawn) mauser c-96. The most uber awesome-ist german pistol of all time. I used it all the time in RE4, heheh....

I will post my thesis here soon. The visuals are all done, I just need to get the sound finished.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The effects of my senior thesis

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and it literally looked like I was dying. My face was as pale as ever, and I had some extreme bags under my eyes. Not enough sleep. I feel like a burnt out 30 year old in a 21 year old body, and I'm not even in the industry yet. Gotta watch out for that, getting old in a young body...But it's mornings like this when I view the world differently, and I feel the most together. My life makes more sense and has more structure on these types of mornings. I don't know why, but that's just the way it is. Maybe my mind subconsciously refuses to be defeated and retaliates by reorganizing my thoughts and keeping my emotions in check.

Or maybe its just the coffee.

Either way, game on.

Animation Progress: 97% done

Thank you so much Eric for the alternate ending idea.
I am treating you to outback steakhouse one day, haha.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thesis Progress

Sup guys, took a while but here's an updated look at my thesis progress.

So I decided to change the location of my cow from a planet to a floating island/asteroid. There's a bunch of reasons why I did this, but I'll just say that in the end, it saves me a lot of trouble. XD Here's a quick concept I did (still using that ancient matte painting).

And here is my animation progress! About halfway done I'd say....Gotta crank out the rest quick! Hope I can do it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

An update, for the sake of updating....

I always thought Donnie Yen was awesome. And he still is. But now he's reached a completely new level in my eyes.

Sound on please. :)

Thank you Donnie, for making my day. XD

And sorry for the lack of any thesis work! I feel that there aren't enough new things to show you guys, but just wait a bit more, another preview is on its wayyy.

In the mean time, here. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

School? ACK! Thesis? BLARG!

Winter vacation is gone....*sob*
It's gone, but I had a good time. Got to relax big time and catch up on a bunch of games I've been missing out on. I actually didn't draw that much this vacation, but I did work on this RE fanart. I was actually inspired to make this because I first saw Dan's RE fanart of Rebecca. This one includes Leon and Claire, with Ada and Chris in the background. I had a lot of fun working on it during vacation but then I ran out of steam. When I came back to my apartment, Eric gave me a renewed energy to finish up the piece, so here it is.

I am slowly starting to draw less and less, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I've got to start pushing myself to draw more, else I will remain as the "once in a while CG" man.

Anywho...school is starting soon, and I haven't done much thesis work at all. I've been baaad. Must get back on track...