Friday, January 25, 2008

An update, for the sake of updating....

I always thought Donnie Yen was awesome. And he still is. But now he's reached a completely new level in my eyes.

Sound on please. :)

Thank you Donnie, for making my day. XD

And sorry for the lack of any thesis work! I feel that there aren't enough new things to show you guys, but just wait a bit more, another preview is on its wayyy.

In the mean time, here. :)


  1. hahahaha He's SO animated i think my favorite part just after he pays the parking meter! i love rediculously animated physical comedy, i huge fan of jim carrey and dana carvey as a kid. Drawing are very nice aswell conveying lots of emotion strong poses

  2. thannnks man!
    cant wait to see your updates! exciting now that everything is being animated

  3. i like that character sheet a lot- would love to see more like it for your various characters that would be very cool. I especially like how he is singing... i wonder how it sounds.

    Donnie is amazing... I don't know if someone like that exists in real life... 0_0... imagine going to school with a kid like that.