Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm alive!

Hi all, I'm still alive! I just lost the will to post anything here for ages. Soooo... A lot of stuff happened between now and my last post. For instance, I graduated SVA. I also work as a freelance 3d animator. I get tired more easily. A lot of stuff. I was going to put my post graduation thoughts here and reflect upon what I learned during my four years at SVA, but I think I'll save that for when my eyelids can stay open. For now I'll just share with you some old drawings and doodles.

Some crappy girl doodles and a scared guy

Batman, Joker and Harley

New design for my distraught, emotionally damaged, ass kicking spy chick character


Chain coming out of girls hand...?? O_o

Charcoal pencil doodles. Yes I drew a cube, shaddap.

Villain from one of my stories.

Avatar! Though I don't keep up with the show, sorry!

More doodles of my characters, huzzah!

Hope you like. I'll be back with a meaningful, profound entry, I swear. Right now I just need to lie down. Bed feels so good....