Friday, May 23, 2008

Leave Dragonball alone please

Alright. Ever since I heard they were making a dragonball movie, I thought it was gonna be crap. Then I saw some really blurry photos of the actors in their costumes. And then I KNEW it was gonna be crap. But....


I wasn't aware Goku spent two hours doing his hair every morning.
Dragonball should never have been made into live action. It just. Doesn't. Work. (especially when a caucasian person gets chosen to play an asian protagonist)



  1. I agree.... they really should just leave it alone....

    At most make a CGI movie... still might work better than live.

  2. I wonder... what... toriyama thinks.

  3. hey man this is chris
    and yes, the moment i found out that they casted Justin Chatwin for goku, I looked up into the sky to see if any pigs were flying..
    and like you said, the snapshots they took of what they have so far is bitterly unimpressive

    oo and btw, the thesis animation thing rocks!! haha

    i thought it was funny, at first i hated the idea. i still hate it but i'm interested.. I only saw Goku I figure the rest of the cast was gonna be caucasian which is bogus but .. they're cartoons right? and he's kinda cute :P