Monday, December 24, 2012

2 years!

So it's been about two years since I got my electric guitar... Man, time flies! I still play pretty regularly, and I feel like I've come a decent way since my beginning days. I don't want to call this an anniversary or anything cus that feels way too celebratory, but it's still something special.

So here's a short, craptastic recording I made today to plant down in my guitar playing timeline. I'll listen to this again next year to see how much better (or worse) I've gotten. Woo!


Also! I went to see Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet, recently. It's a documentary about an extremely talented guitarist who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease at a really young age. The guy used to be insane on the guitar, and even though he can't move his body today, he's still making music. How awesome is that? It was really heartbreaking, but uplifting and inspirational all at once. It's only playing in select theaters for a limited time, and the showing I went to had a q&a with the director, so I just had to go! Check it out if you can y'alls. And Happy Holidays! :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guitars and Ink

I've now been wailing on my guitar for approximately one and a half years... I'd like to think I'm pretty consistent with playing and learning, and that I've been progressing at a satisfactory pace, but then I'll see some kid prodigy (or Paul Gilbert) on youtube and it totally crushes my dreams, ha. -__-;; Still, the most important thing is to have fun while playing... and for me, playing guitar has never been a chore. Instead, it's been a crazy fun journey from the day I picked it up, and I've got a gut feeling that it won't end anytime soon. Woo!

Anywho, I started recording stuff in GarageBand recently and thought I'd post some of my random playing... I'll reach all my guitar idols' levels some day! (...20 years, give or take)

 (I didn't know how to post just an audio file, so I added a silly picture to complement the silly playing)

And while on the topic of guitars... Just thought I'd share some of Gary Moore's playing! If pouring your soul into an instrument were a sport, he'd a be fuckin olympic champ. Funny guitar faces abound, yes... but when you can move an audience like he does, nothing else matters.


Oh yea, and here's another inked picture I made... Inking can be extremely meticulous and exhausting, but damn it's fun. :D

Welp, I've got more mental vomit that I wanted to spill out on my blog, but I think I'll save that for next time... Peace!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Haven't inked anything in a while. Well... plop! Here's something. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Art update

It's interesting how my focus has shifted from one hobby to another over the years... I used to be all about drawing and painting back when I was still in SVA. It was easy, because I was surrounded by friends and colleagues who were almost entirely focused on getting better at art (derf, it's an art school). We'd stay up all night just to draw for fun, create stories and characters and I thought I was gonna be a crazy, hardcore artist for the rest of my life, woo!

Fast forward a couple years, and I hardly draw anymore. I've resigned to the fact that I'll never draw as much as I did back in SVA, but I'm strangely content with that idea. My "heyday" years in college served its purpose and helped me grow immensely as an artist, and as a person.

That being said, I still get inspired by the countless amazing artists who put their work up on the interwebs, and I even manage to sketch some stuff from time to time! 

Here's some of my latest stuff. Hope y'all dig it.

...Yea, the color pencil stuff is retarded. I try!