Monday, February 11, 2008

Thesis Progress

Sup guys, took a while but here's an updated look at my thesis progress.

So I decided to change the location of my cow from a planet to a floating island/asteroid. There's a bunch of reasons why I did this, but I'll just say that in the end, it saves me a lot of trouble. XD Here's a quick concept I did (still using that ancient matte painting).

And here is my animation progress! About halfway done I'd say....Gotta crank out the rest quick! Hope I can do it!


  1. you guy's will have no problem getting in the industry you want. glad to see you're working hard, and seeing everything from last year come together is ridiculously fun haha

    your thesis will look amazing!

  2. woo hey man i like them animations you got here a lot. This peice is really blasting off! [insert hokey laughs]

  3. i love your new island idea- it looks amazing already even in playblast form.