Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi again

Not much to say...... just a little scared of how school finished so quickly. I haven't had much time to draw or paint anything cus of thesis, but now that I've gotten over the biggest hump of the year, I'll start to post more stuff.

Here's some random WWII spy chick....too lazy to color it...bah.
Btw, she's holding a (badly drawn) mauser c-96. The most uber awesome-ist german pistol of all time. I used it all the time in RE4, heheh....

I will post my thesis here soon. The visuals are all done, I just need to get the sound finished.


  1. David's BACK!!
    super congrats on your finishing thesis
    i can't believe school's ending so soon either..
    i'm about to die from all this work ugg..

  2. i still can believe we're here... and we made it... 0_0....

    uber cool spy chick dave- this is a really nice one!

  3. Hazaaah :D

    Aw Dave I'm excited to see your Thesis!!

    School's ending so soon and you and Eric will be done soon too. ><

    Make your last three weeks last! Enjoy it as much as you caaan. :D

  4. I think... I saw a poster on your thesis piece in the Computer arts building, did I? Did I? :D