Wednesday, April 23, 2008

creepy male asian sophomore critter things

I don't get it... What is up with the geeky little asian boys in the computer art department who pick a seat right next to you, and shamelessly stare at what you're working on. It happened to Eric, and now it's happening to me. It's the weirdest feeling to have some stranger sitting next to you, sneaking in multiple glances at your monitor, thinking that you can't see them....Perhaps they haven't heard of peripheral vision. The asian kid next to me was annoying as hell... He was listening to weird, obnoxious music, talking to his friend (who was just as annoying) about his favorite concept art, and kept tapping his fingers on the keyboard loudly, NONSTOP.
..... I was about to punch his face in. Thankfully, he left just as I was reaching my boiling point.


In order to release all this pent up anger, I leave you with this picture, overflowing with profundity.


  1. O:

    Ahahaha niiice I love this! XD

    As for annoying people like that... stab them. :D

  2. aww.
    I had a similar experience when I tried to sketch stuff in Chinese museum in Beijin, everyone just swarmed me to look at my sketches.
    Not much concept of personal space there. lol

    That's why there's such a term- Xiao Bai. (Little white-meaning little white-eyed idiots.)

  3. good thing you didn't explode- but it is so tempting to just pop em in the face. This is a great image- they look so tangible. *reach....*