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4:00-6:18 = My favorite solo from Marty Friedman. Soak it in.


Friday, January 18, 2013


Starting a new potochop painting... I'm rusty. :(
I'll be adding pics on this post as I continue, woo!


Wow I suck. I need help with hair. T__T

Monday, December 24, 2012

2 years!

So it's been about two years since I got my electric guitar... Man, time flies! I still play pretty regularly, and I feel like I've come a decent way since my beginning days. I don't want to call this an anniversary or anything cus that feels way too celebratory, but it's still something special.

So here's a short, craptastic recording I made today to plant down in my guitar playing timeline. I'll listen to this again next year to see how much better (or worse) I've gotten. Woo!


Also! I went to see Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet, recently. It's a documentary about an extremely talented guitarist who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease at a really young age. The guy used to be insane on the guitar, and even though he can't move his body today, he's still making music. How awesome is that? It was really heartbreaking, but uplifting and inspirational all at once. It's only playing in select theaters for a limited time, and the showing I went to had a q&a with the director, so I just had to go! Check it out if you can y'alls. And Happy Holidays! :D