Sunday, January 13, 2008

School? ACK! Thesis? BLARG!

Winter vacation is gone....*sob*
It's gone, but I had a good time. Got to relax big time and catch up on a bunch of games I've been missing out on. I actually didn't draw that much this vacation, but I did work on this RE fanart. I was actually inspired to make this because I first saw Dan's RE fanart of Rebecca. This one includes Leon and Claire, with Ada and Chris in the background. I had a lot of fun working on it during vacation but then I ran out of steam. When I came back to my apartment, Eric gave me a renewed energy to finish up the piece, so here it is.

I am slowly starting to draw less and less, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I've got to start pushing myself to draw more, else I will remain as the "once in a while CG" man. is starting soon, and I haven't done much thesis work at all. I've been baaad. Must get back on track...


  1. so....dave....
    i've been slacking on drawing this break as well...and i've been trying to get back into it.
    ah well, awesome fanarrrrt!

  2. hey! really nice fan art i gotto play one of the RE games they must be great i have a friend thats got an Umbrella corp; lighter, money clip, and he painted the logo on his xbox 360... well he's kinda a strange guy. But im sure they're great games hehe

    I love how you handled the different materials in the painting esp the cloth wrinkles and hair but i dont mean to leave anything out its all really nice. thanks for posting it =)

    happy to hear you had a good vacation, see ya in de labs!