Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Could Be Mine

So...damn...tired. o__o;;

Here's a cg of Regina I made recently. There are a couple things about the pic that irk me (proportions and face arrangement), but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. Usually after I finish a cg, I'll look back at it after a couple days and think it looks like utter crap, but not with this one! Hope ya dig.

I was gonna try and finish off this entry with something mildly clever and profound, but then I realized I'm neither of those. Instead, I leave you with this masterfully crafted paper mache of Pikachu!


  1. an update! god it's about time. awesome sketch sir. i like the colors and her eyes have a lot of emotion. we need a sit down where you tell me how to paint in photoshop.

    It's a paper mache of Pikachu without sleep and on drugs. <3

    Anyways, your sketch looks lovely.
    Keep up the good work Dave! :)