Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bwaa! sleeping schedule is totally out of wack. It's been slowly shifting from ridiculous to just plain stupid. I think I might stay up a day to try and reset it...

On the plus side, I've been working on my Regina story and its been going along pretty well. I've made the very basic plot outline and I've started writing the story with dialogue. Feels good to be getting it down in stone. I view this whole story as a live action movie, but I think I might start making a comic out of it (as bad as I am at comics). :) Too tired right now, but I'll post pics of some of the characters later. I won't give away much yet, but all I can say is my story got a lot more tragic than I initially expected it to be. O_o

Oh yea, and I really want to make movies. Film school...? Too many things in the way, especially financially. But we'll see. Bwa!



  1. I hope to see one of your films some day. :)

    In the mean time, please show us the regina story characters when you can!