Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diddle daddle

Just keeping busy. I still have a lot to learn about lighting cus I felt like a retard shading some of these guys. Hoo-ah!

Also! Some dudes made a sweet cover of Nitro Man's stage music from Mega Man 10... Pretty wicked stuff.


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  1. Looking good! I watched bladerunner inspired by your post and I enjoyed it too. I agree with you on the visuals and music as well, (like you said, not news, but it's still great to appreciate and get excited over). Dude... and Olmos as the awesome origami man? Badass.

    I like the direction your work is going. I think if we combined forces, we'd definitely get a mega retro space western noir film with grizzly guys and classy gals. Too much of a good thing? I think not. :)