Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sam vs. Todd with nCloth!

So here is the same animation clip I posted before, but this time Sam has a nCloth poncho! I am not a dynamics guy, so screwing around and tweaking the attributes using nCloth was definitely challenging. After having done this, I still wouldn't say that I'm the slightest bit competent with nCloth, but hey, at least I got somewhere with it.

I had to attach the neck and shoulder area of the poncho to Sam's mesh accordingly. This was so that the poncho wouldn't go flying off of Sam while spinning or jumping... It's not perfect, every now and then it'll bunch up, and look funkadelic but for the most part it looks pretty poncho-ish. Hope ya dig it Eric. Enjoy!


  1. JEEEZ man the poncho is looking fantastic now! my try constantly looked like jello and it didn't fold or droop it just looked like a limp peice of paper. 0_0 I know yours is not perfect, like a poncho has a heavier weight to it and this flows a little "thinner" feeling, but I'm not complaining at all- and I'm happy with how you've got it considering all things.
    I love it! It adds so much! wow

  2. awwww that was soooo good. loved it.