Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog?... Thesis...? ...Blog! Thesis!

Blog, thesis blog thesis blog. Blog blog thesis, blog thesis thesis? Hahaha... Me too...

- Still conceptualizing how my thesis will look, using the same background picture over and over. Eric helped me out a lot with this giving me the cinammon swirl suggestion and adding more color/saturation to make it more cartoony. Thanks!

- This is a rough edit of my thesis so far. There are some funky areas like the last shot's transition. But for the most part, this is it. I'm open to any suggestions as I still have tons to learn about animation, so if you guys have anything to say, hit me.

Welp, I've enjoyed my brief return to the world of this so called "b-logging". Expect me to return in another four months.

... Or days.


  1. yaay finally dave!
    that is impressive progress you're making.
    yea the space looks more in tune with the alien's universe with brighter colors. a bit more..gurren lagannish? haha. not as intense of course cause then it's just gonna fry our eyes.
    better post again in 4 days >:U

  2. I really like the way your animating that alien! very nice and Cinnamon swirls are a great idea. But i think the aliens eyes are a bit too reflective, and then with the swirls i like the ones closer to the planet but not so keen on the one band that is to the left of the sun and behind the ship... i think its because the other ones have dynamic curves that bend into the planet like they are getting pulled by gravity then the other seems to be just too flat maybe if that one was behind the stars? or was lighter or had some color fade in.. just throwing ideas dont mean to nit pick