Monday, October 1, 2007


So... I haven't updated here for a really long time. Heh... Oh well. Here's some drawings I made ranging from weeks to days old. (click for full view please)

Some random doodles....

Dude and little girl

The drawing on the right was an image copied from a fashion book
and the drawing on the left was my own attempt at making someting original

I've been watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and made my own ganmen, muahaha.

Here's the first of two images I copied from a model reference book while at a book store.

And here's the second.
Female models are a lot more fun to draw than male models... O_o

I'm not as good as I'd like to be at creating original characters or stories, so sometimes it's nice to tell my mind to just shut up and copy some images from books, life, etc. There's not as much stress as creating something original but it's still very enjoyable. I need to do this more often...


  1. Whoa!!! Mega post! Awesome work m'friend. I'm really diggin' the faces you're drawing lately. Hey- I saw you drawing the last two, haha. Drawing in the bookstore is really fun, we gotta do that more often.

    Gurren Lagann!!! COMBINE!

  2. Yoo nice drawings, the ones up top really spring naratives it seems like you could make a story out of each one. With that big robot guy are his arms coming out of his ears?! and then he's got a peace symbol and cowboy spurs? intriguing. You hold off on posts but when you do its an onslaught of good stuff =)